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RPA is a sports network designed to help players be players & winners be winners. If a player is advancing to Championship games and/or are chosen to play in All Star games, money should not stop or burden them from participating.  The focus should be winning so providing supplemental aid to players advancing in the game allows them to focus on winning. Winning should not feel like a punishment, so the further a player advances during the season should not equate to more money out of pocket expenses.  Teams & leagues often times put this financial responsibility on the players.  RPA is changing the game and choosing to help players to feel a WIN as a WIN!


The RPA Management Team is composed of winning athletes and sports-related business people including former Division I scholarship athletes, current coaches, current, veteran & retired sports players of semi-pro/pro teams, parents, professionals & specialist, former and current league owners and community members.   RPA provides player advocacy which will come from the input of the RPA team and player representatives from different teams around the world.  The RPA team is about success in all facets of athletics, academics and business.  


There is a large percentage of players of all ages that participate in sports leagues every year, but a small percentage of players that actually advance to playoffs & championship games, chosen as an all star player, experience a major sports injury and/or encounter major legal issues. 


👉 Most organizations require their players to "PAY TO PLAY"

👉 Most organizations require players to participate in fundraisers in addition to player fees. 

👉Most players are required to sell tickets to the games. 

👉Most players are required to pay for everyday expenses related to playing and practicing (gas, child care, pet care, nutrition, trainers, equipment, gear, rehab)

👉Most organizations do not assist with major injury expenses due to playing a sport that regular insurance does not cover.

👉Most teams require players to pay for travel expenses associated with playoffs games and regular season out of state & city games.

👉Most Players are responsible for expenses related to making the All Star Team (Flight, Hotel, All Star Jersey, Food)

👉Most players at their own expense handle their major concerns and issues related to policy, rules, procedures, player expectations & contracts.  Many legal matters never get handled because the cost of legal representation is not affordable and the knowledge to properly handle disputes is not readily available. 

TO SUM IT UP: It takes MONEY & TIME to play. That's not going away from the sports league model yet. RPA is simply adding to the model by ensuring that WINNING FEELS LIKE WINNING and not a punishment. The further a player advance in a sports league, the less money that player should have to pay to continue to play. WHY? 

🏅Advancing in playoff is a good thing.

🏅To be chosen as an all star player is an accomplishment.

🏅 A player’s voice is relevant and important for the growth process.  #PlayersMatter


Player investments help the RISE Players Association assist the players that are advancing in the sport. We want to help players RISE in an admirable way so that they can focus more on playing instead of paying.  In the event that a player makes the all star team, plays in a championship game, sustains a major injury and/or needs legal consultation, RPA will have  assistance readily available to these players the meet specific requirements.  For a small membership fee, players can secure these services.


Becoming a member of this organization allows players to secure financial assistance in the event they are chosen as an All Star player, their team advances to the Championship game, unforeseen major sports injuries and player advocacy and legal services are need to resolve a dispute.   

*If you are a player under 18 years of age, then replace "Players" with "Parents" 


Many players are chosen as an All Star player to represent their home team in the league’s All Star game.  This is a great accomplishment, but can often times feel like a punishment because players will have come out of pocket to participate in the game.  Depending on the location of the All Star game, some players have to pay for airplane tickets, rent vehicles, reserve hotels, buy all star jerseys, and pay for food and entertainment.  Many players miss out on this opportunity simply because they can not afford it.  RPA will assist the small percentage of players that are chosen with travel expenses.


There are only two teams that make the Championship game in a league.  Often times the further a team advances, the more money they have to come out of pocket for advancing.  RPA will assist teams to go to a Championship game by providing financial assistance the 


Often times, players are at the mercy of their contracts and the contracts don’t serve to help the players but protect the owners. Players need representation for legal matters.    RPA provides player advocacy which will come from the input from actual current and veteran players & parents & professional specialist & counsel.  If matters require legal services, depending on the specifics, a player might qualify for financial assistance for legal representation.  This assistance is available to help players feel like they can confidently speak up about their concerns without the concern of a strategy approach & financially being able to do so.  RPA is currently not aligned with any particular league, but we do have representatives involved from many different sanctioned leagues.  We do hope to create future partnerships with the league's players and teams to better serve and meet their needs.